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Despite wood floors being hard wearing and durable there is only so much a floor can take.

After years of heavy traffic or an insufficient maintenance routine a wood floor can begin to deteriorate and lose its original beauty. At this point there are many different options for your wood floor depending on its current condition. If your existing floor has already been restored you may be able to get away with simply resealing the floor – which we can normally do using whatever product was previously applied to the floor.

In most cases a complete restoration which involves sanding and resealing is necessary, in order to bring the floor back to being as good as new.

Here at Freshwoods we are highly experienced when it comes to wood floor sanding whether its hardwood, parquet or floorboards. We have perfected our sanding techniques to produce the best possible finish. Mastering the highest quality sanding equipment from both Bona and Festool. All our sanding machinery comes with dust-extracting machines, resulting in them being 98% dust-free. Some dust is inevitable, but we take precautions such as masking and screening to keep this to a minimum.

Before sanding can begin floor repairs may need to be carried out. For more information on this please visit out repairs page.

Floor sanding prepares a floor for it to be resealed. It leaves the floor tidy and smooth by removing the top layer of the wooden floor therefore levelling it out and removing any small dents and surface marks. Once we have completed all of our sanding stages, we can begin to apply the most suitable finish.


Floor Refinishing

Our knowledge and past experience with flooring products enables us to provide you with a sealant that is both appropriate for your floor type also to your personal preferences such as colour and sheen.

We can help decide whether a oil, wax, varnish or stain would be best. Our preferred method of finish is hardwax oil, as it provides a natural look and feel to the wood. It also means any future damage can be easily patch repaired eliminating the need to sand the whole floor. We appreciate sealing and protecting your floors is a crucial stage in the restoration process so we are here to offer our expert advice.

All our quotes are based on using products produced by leading floor finishing manufacturers including Treatex, Morrells and Bona to name just a few. All of which are highly durable and come in a vast range of colours and finishes whether that be matt, satin or gloss sheens. Once we have finished your floor we provide advice on how to maintain and clean it to help keep your floor in its best condition for longer.

Below you can see some before and after examples of some of our previous projects. All of which involve happy and satisfied clients who now have beautiful wooden floors.

View Some of Our Floor Restoration Work

This is just a small selection of our recent restoration work. If you would like to see other examples, please contact us.

Floor Restoration Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most frequent questions we get asked about floor restoration. If you still have any questions please contact us, we are happy to help!

Wood floors can often look worse than they actually are. As soon as we begin sanding the original condition of the floor will be visible. Any damage to the floor such as cracks, dents or gaps can all be sorted once sanding is completed.

Sanding can make even the oldest and worn out floor look new again. It also reduces the chances of your floor cracking or splintering as well as evening out the surface so it is level. Refinished floors are also more hygienic as they are easy to clean and collect minimal dust. Floor sanding is a less costly alternative to have a new floor fitted and once sanded floors can last years with the correct maintenance. 

There is no such thing as completely dust-free sanding, but at Freshwoods we use the highest quality machines that are 98% dust-free.

In certain circumstances such as an uneven floor, more dust can be generated than normal. Despite our machines being equipped with dust-extracting machines, we always seal up doors to adjacent rooms or put up plastic sheeting to minimise any dust spreading throughout the home.

This varies depending on the size on the room, although we can typically sand an average sized room in a day and a further day to apply the finish. Additional time does need to allowed for it to fully cure before it can be walked on or furniture can be moved back. This time frame can alter a lot depending on whether any repairs are needed. 

Gaps in floor boards can be filled using slithers (narrow bits of wood) which once glued are sanded down so they are level with the existing boards. With smaller gaps we would use filler.

This depends on what form of wood is currently laid on your floor. Hardwoods like oak, walnut and mahogany tend to be darker in comparison to the lighter softwood woods like pine and larch. Despite the differences most types of wood can be stained, oiled or waxed to whatever colour and finish you are after.

Maintaining your floor in the correct way is essential in keeping it looking its best. This requires cleaning using specially formulated products that we will recommend to you. We will also provide advice to make maintaining your floor easy, fast and cost-effective.

** One thing we stress is that you never use bleach or steam cleaners on timber floors. As this will damage the finish and even warp the timber.

Covid Update

We understand our customers and future customers may have concerns during these unprecedented times, and we wanted to take this opportunity to update everyone. Due to our line of work, we of course need access to customer’s properties, however we would like to reassure everyone that we have retained all of our meticulous precautions put in place from the first lockdown. This helps us look after the health and safety of both our customers and ourselves.

We understand if any customers with work booked in would like to reschedule their jobs. Please contact us ASAP so we can take the necessary steps.

Stay safe, stay strong. We are always free to talk if you have any questions or queries for us.

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