Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

At Freshwoods we not only restore, fit and repair floors we also clean and maintain past customers floors as well as offering our advice and services to new customers. If you have a wood floor that has seen better days or simply want some help with cleaning your floor then please contact us as we would be happy to help revive your floor and share our knowledge.

Floor Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning your wood floor the procedure is nice and simple. To begin with you need to sweep or vacuum the surface of your floor (this is something that should be done on a regular basis to avoid marks occurring). Once swept/hoovered you can clean your floor. We recommend using a flat mop with a microfibre pad. Accompanied with either a brand specific floor cleaning solution recommended by us or a wood floor specific cleaning solution. One thing we stress is to NEVER USE BLEACH OR A STEAM CLEANER, as this will damage the finish and can even cause your floor boards to warp.


One of the benefits of having a wood floor is they are one of the simplest of floor types to clean. Despite this many people overlook the crucial maintenance that can help keep your floor as good as new for longer. We have worked with many different floor types and finishes providing us with key knowledge on how to maintain your floor. When it comes to maintenance of your wood floor your options vary depending on what floor finish has previously been applied. If your floor has an oiled finish an extra coat of oil can be applied over the existing finish. Whereas with a lacquered floor your option is to apply a new coat of polish. But with both types of finish they cannot be carried out if the floor has significant wear. Instead our restoration services would be necessary.

Admittedly the task of maintaining your floor may seem a bit daunting. Thats why at Freshwoods we offer all our customers expert advice and guidance to make cleaning and maintaining your floor as easy, quick and cost-effective as possible.


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