Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please read the below for our Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Freshwoods strive to provide all its customers the best wood flooring service(s) under these specific Terms and Conditions. 

(We recommend that you please take the time to read these at your leisure, to ensure that no further issues will arise.) 

  1. Definitions
  2. The Contract 
  3. Quotations
  4. VAT
  5. Equipment
  6. Site Conditions
  7. Job Completion
  8. Final Payment
  9. Cancelation + Change Of Dates
  10. Complaints
  11. Refunds
  12. Liability
  13. Disclaimer
  14. Supplementary Terms
  15. Freshwoods Insurance
  16. Changes Of Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions 

1.1. Terms and Conditions Definitions:

  • “The Company”, “We”, “Us” – is in regards to “Freshwoods” 
  • “Customer” or “Client” – means the person, company or corporate entity, partnership or other legal entity whom which contracts with the Company, for the Company to provide the necessary work. 
  • “The Contract” – shall mean the relevant contract under which the Company is to provide the relevant work. 
  • “The Work”, “Service” or “Job” – shall mean the work to be undertaken or provided by the Company under the contract.

1.2. The headings contained in the Freshwoods Terms and Conditions are for convenience and do not affect their interpretation. 

2. Contract

2.1. These Terms and Conditions represent a contract between Freshwoods and the Customer.

2.2. These Terms and Conditions may only be amended or varied if such an amendment or variation shall be agreed or confirmed by the Company in writing. 

2.3. Both Freshwoods and the Customer shall ensure that their respective responsibilities under this agreement are undertaken in compliance with all statuary regulations and codes of conduct. 

2.4. The Customer agrees that through agreeing to the quotation shall constitute the Customers acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, which shall be incorporated into the Contract between the Customer and the Company. 

2.5. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Company, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail over any terms of business or purchase conditions put forward by the Customer. 

2.6. It is declared and agreed that Freshwoods shall not be obliged under the Contract to carry out any work act or matter which shall be unlawful- and it is agreed that this condition shall prevail over anything which may be otherwise agreed between the Company and the Customer. 

3. Quotations

3.1. All Quotations by the company are subject to acceptance within 21 days from the date on the Quotation. 

3.2. The Company reserves the right to withdraw a Quotation at any time prior to it being accepted by the Customer. 

3.3. Upon acceptance of the Quotation the customer agrees to the Company’s payment terms in which 100% of Materials cost need to be paid in advance of the job commencing. So that all required materials can be ordered to complete the job. The customer agrees that work will not commence until this is complete. 

3.4. On quotations of £2000 or above a deposit of 50% of the total Quotation is required before work commences. 

3.5. The Company has a minimal charge of £350 for any job. 

3.6. All quotations are inclusive of VAT. 

3.7. Upon acceptance of the Quotation constitutes that the Customer confirms they have read and accept Freshwoods Terms and Conditions. Which shall be incorporated into the contract between the Customer and the Company. 

4. VAT

4.1. All prices are inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT), unless otherwise specified on the Quotation Provided.

5. Equipment

5.1. Unless otherwise agreed or specified to the contrary in the quotation, the company shall provide all the tools and equipment required to carry out the work.

5.2. The customer must provide running water and electricity at the premises where the service(s) takes place. 

5.3. Some of the sanding machinery requires 240V of the electric supply. The customer shall ensure that their power supply at the premises enables work to be carried out.

5.4. The customer will reimburse to the Company any pay and display charges, congestion charges, skip licenses and skip parking fees which are incurred in relation to carrying out the work. These charges are in addition to the amount contained in the quotation. 

6. Site Conditions 

6.1. All flooring must alway be fitted in an ambient temperature that the room would normally be at moving forward. If upon arrival on the agreed start date, and the job cannot commence due to reasons out of the Company’s control. Then there will be a charge for wasted time and the customers job will be moved to the next available date. 

7. Job Completion 

7.1. On completion of the Company’s service(s) the customer will be present to sign off the work. If they are satisfied with the work. The deadline for signing off a job is 48 hours after completion. 

7.2. Once sign off has occurred the Customer is agreeing to the service(s) that have been carried out. Any service complaints will only be accepted if the work has not been signed off. If the customer has any queries or disputes, then the work must not be signed off. 

7.3. Sign off is at the Customers discretion. Any disputes or damage found with the floor(s) caused by the company will only be rectified if pointed out to the Company before the Customer signs off the work. Any damages noticed after signing off will be assumed to be fault of the customer and therefore not be rectified free of charge. 

8. Final Payment

8.1. The Customer agrees to make a full payment to the Company on the day of completion (Job signed off). Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Company. 

8.2. Payments can be made by bank transfer, through Paypal, cash and cheque. 

8.3. The rates of payment by the Company shall stay as agreed on the Quotation provided between the Company and the Customer. The Customer shall make no reduction from the invoice, unless agreed between the Company and the Customer. 

8.4. For any queries or disputes regarding payment, these must be brought to the Company’s attention within 24 hours of receiving the invoice. 

8.5. The Company reserves the right to charge simple interest upon any overdue sums, at the rate of 8% per annum, with interest to be calculated upon a daily basis. 

8.6. All bank charges incurred due to a Customers cheque being returned unpaid will be passed to the customer. 

8.7. The Customer will pay a reasonable price any extra work and/or for any variation to the scope of the Quotation which the Company are asked to undertake at the premises by the Customer. 

9. Cancelation + Change of Dates

9.1. Once the Customer has accepted the quotation, deposits have been paid and start dates confirmed, the Company enters these dates in to their Calendar. If the customer wishes to cancel the Job the Company require 10 days notice prior to the agreed start date(s). If less than 10 days notice is given, this will incur a charge of up to £400 per day (based on 8 hour working days). Which will be invoiced separately or deducted from the deposit paid. 

9.2. Once a start date has been agreed and entered into the Company’s calendar, if for some reason the Customer would like to change this date, the Company asks for at least  10 days notice. As this provides the opportunity to fill the allocated date(s). If less than 10 days notice is given, this can incur a charge of up to £400 a day (dependent on job size and value). This will be invoiced separately along with the final invoice. 

10. Complaints

10.1.  All flooring shall be deemed to have been carried out to the Customers satisfaction once the job is signed off. Unless written or verbal notice is received by the Company with details of the complaint and therefore the job cannot be signed off. 

10.2. All service complaints must be received within 48 hours after the completion of the service(s). 

10.3. The company will fully investigate any complaint and attempt to resolve the matter to the satisfaction of the Customer. 

10.4. The Customer should allow the Company to return and correct any disputed issue(s) before looking for an alternative way of resolving the issues or contact the Company regarding compensation. If another Company is used or the Customer attempts to resolve the issue themselves Freshwoods shall not be liable for the disputed issue(s). 

11. Refunds

11.1. No refund claims will be entertained once the service has been considered carried out and the Customer has signed off the work. 

12. Liability 

12.1. The Customer agrees that any precious, fragile and irreplaceable items are removed from all areas where work is being carried out, before work commences. 

12.2. The Customer agrees that the Company shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss, expense, damage, delay, costs or compensation (whether direct, indirect or consequential), which may be suffered by the Customer from or in anyway connected with matters that are beyond the Company’s control. 

12.3. The Customer agrees that while the Company make an effort to arrive on time, this may not always be possible due to unforeseen circumstances and therefore the Company are not liable for any claims to compensate for late arrivals. 

12.4. The Customer agrees that in certain circumstances the duration of the services may need to be amended from the duration that was Quoted. The Company will make every effort to inform the customer as soon as possible when this may occur. The Company should not be held liable for any loses or expenses incurred due to change in the duration of services. 

12.5. The company shall not be liable for any damages to the wooden floor(s) which have occurred as a result of the Customer not allowing sufficient curing time before using the floors or before putting furniture back in the room. 

12.6. The Company shall not be liable for accidentally punching or nailing a water or gas pipe, whose location was not reasonably known to the Company. 

12.7. The Company shall not be responsible for a poor result in cleaning or restoration where this is a result of considerable wear or excessive damage to the floor. 

12.8. The Company shall not be responsible for any odours arising during and/or after the service and when due to factors such as lack of ventilation and appropriate heating.

13. Disclaimer 

13.1. Unforeseen Variations:

Any unexpected variations that are not covered in the Quotation or could not be allowed upon, will be subject to an additional charge.  The Company will notify the customer right away and provide advice as well as costs for the additional work. The Company will not proceed with any additional work until the Customer gives their permission. (The most common situation arises with issues with the Customers sub-floor, these may be unforeseeable due to old floor or carpet being down at the time of quotation.) 

13.2. Furniture:

If the customer cannot empty the room(s) prior to the agreed starting date, the Company can move the larger items. Although this comes at a cost that varies depending on the time involved with moving the items and their size. By allowing the Company to move the agreed items the Customer agrees that the Company shall not be liable under any circumstances for any damage occurring to items and the surroundings whilst being moved. The Customer agrees to move all smaller items, personal belongings, breakables and TV/entertainment systems before the Company’s arrival. If items are not moved work will not commence in that room. (The Company recommends that floors are fitted and sanded as the final part of the Customer other building works.) 

13.3. Pipes and Nailing:

Any gas/water pipes and wiring should be a minimum of 2 inches under the surface. If the company is not advised of any installation less than 2 inches under the surface. The Company cannot be held responsible for any damage during fixing of floor boards and skirting boards. 

13.4. Floor Sanding: 

The Company will ensure the sanding process is as dust-free as reasonably possible. The Customer shall agree that some dust is inevitable. While all work is carried out by the Company is performed with all reasonable due care and diligence. Due to working with machinery, decoration and skirting may be liable too marking. The client agrees that the Company is not liable for any unavoidable marking. 

13.5. Floor Finishing/Refinishing:

Floor finish longevity is dependent on traffic conditions and maintenance performed by the Customer. We recommend maintaining floor(s) with professional maintenance products only. We will suggest products suitable for the Customers floor. We also offer professional floor maintenance routines. 

The Customer is responsible for making arrangements as necessary so as to avoid contact with floors once finish has been applied. To allow time for curing. The floor(s) should not be covered, nor furniture  replaced until curing process is complete. The Company is not liable for marking/damage to floors if the Customer replaces furniture before advised by the Company. Due to the nature of application of floor finish technique, skirting/walls may be marked. The Company is not liable for marking or redecoration. 

The Company reserves the right to change the job specification as necessary, in order to provide the most appropriate finish for the Customers floor. 

13.6. Samples:

All colour samples we provide are representative and may vary from the final product due to individual conditions. 

13.7. Waste Removal:

Waste (including but not limited to saw dust produced in the process of sanding floors at the premises, removed damaged/replaced floor boards, unusable off-cuts from new floor boards, carpet and underlay etc.) removal is not included in job price unless otherwise stated in the Quotation. The Company can remove waste but will charge for this service. 

14. Supplementary Terms 

14.1. If any estimates of how long it will take the Company to carry out the work required are provided, these are only estimates based on the average time(s) from previous similar jobs. It is difficult to estimate precisely how long a job may take due to unforeseen circumstances. For this reason the Company shall not be held responsible if work is not complete within the estimate. 

14.2. The Customer understands that the price Quoted is not for a “package deal” and does not include anything apart from services listed on the Quotation. 

15. Freshwoods Insurance

15.1. Freshwoods will ensure that a valid public liability insurance is in place at all times to cover any damages caused the Company. 

16. Changes to Terms and Conditions 

16.1. Freshwoods reserves the right to make any changes to any part of these Terms and Conditions without giving any prior notice. The Company may add to or alter these Terms and Conditions from time to time. Any alterations or additions will apply to new business but not to existing contracts. The Customer should refer to their original copy of Terms and Conditions. 

Covid Update

We understand our customers and future customers may have concerns during these unprecedented times, and we wanted to take this opportunity to update everyone. Due to our line of work, we of course need access to customer’s properties, however we would like to reassure everyone that we have retained all of our meticulous precautions put in place from the first lockdown. This helps us look after the health and safety of both our customers and ourselves.

We understand if any customers with work booked in would like to reschedule their jobs. Please contact us ASAP so we can take the necessary steps.

Stay safe, stay strong. We are always free to talk if you have any questions or queries for us.

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At the moment our earliest availability is from June/July 2024 with this being held on a first come first serve basis. Cancellations or rearrangements of jobs can lead to some earlier availability.

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