October 2021 Flooring Round-Up

October 2021 Flooring Round-Up

Firstly, a big hello to everyone. Rob and I hope you are all keeping safe and well. We can’t honestly believe that we’re almost in November. Where has the year gone?!

We thought we’d have a little recap on a fantastic flooring project we completed a while back, and what additional services we provided on our return a few months later.

We’ll often end up returning to customers’ homes on multiple occasions; either to help with regular maintenance, complete final finishing touches, or on this occasion, to fit even more wood flooring. This particular property was a joy to work on from start to finish, and we ended up returning not once, but four times, each time to work on a completely different floor!

The First Visit

Our first visit saw us lay beautiful Oak panels through the customer’s new kitchen and main sitting room. Owing to the size of each room and the heritage of the property, it was always going to require something a bit special. We laid 70 Sq M of unfinished 900x900mm European Oak Versaille Panels, which added plenty of character and elegance to match what was a stunning property.

Once completed, the hardwood floor was finished with Morrells Induro XLO-30 Hardwax Oil, which left the panels with a classic and timeless natural finish.

Freshwoods Flooring November Round Up 9
Wow. House goals right here!

Visit Number 2

Six months later we returned to add more Versaille Oak Panels, this time for the sitting room through to the main entrance and hallway. The kitchen was also on the agenda for a complete new floor.

Owing to their design and the way the Versaille Panels are laid, we used standard Character Oak Engineered floorboards in the transitions between rooms – not an easy job! To keep uniform colour and finish, the oak boards allowed us to create a sympathetic and stylish transition from one room to the next. With a property such as this, attention to detail is everything.

A hallway and entrance area of the home obviously sees the most foot traffic, as well as bearing the brunt of Mother Nature’s elements, so it was vital that we protected the floor as much as possible. We installed a floormat well directly into the floor, with a coir mat, trimmed with an elegant gold metal trim – not only for added protection but that extra bit of bling too! You’ve got to on a house like this.

The final steps were to treat the new oak panels with the same Morrells Induro XLO-30 Hardwax Oil that we’d used in the previous room.

Back For Number 3

Leading off from the hallway was another beautiful sitting room that incredibly still had its original pine floorboards. Luckily these were in fairly good condition and it was refreshing to see they hadn’t been butchered by aggressive belt/floor sanders or by people who just didn’t know what they were doing! We estimate the original pine floorboards to be around 100 years old, so to see them in a relatively untouched condition for over a century was pretty rare indeed.

With the other sitting room, kitchen and now hallway looking incredible with their new Oak Versaille Panels, the 100-year-old Pine panels were looking a little sorry for themselves. We carried out a 4 stage sand; working through 40, 80, 100 and 120 grit to achieve a smoother, flatter surface. This also has the benefits of removing any blemishes and dents that you accumulate over ten decades!

We applied a custom wiping stain to enhance the natural tones of the pine and to complement the Oak Versaille Panels. Pine has a natural yellowness to it, and a final layer of Morrells Induro XLO-30 brought the overall colour tones to work seamlessly between rooms.

Our Forth Visit

Fast forward to a few months later and we were back again, this time to rejuvenate a large amount of wood flooring on the other side of the property. After discussions with the customer, it was obvious that oak would be the top choice – it couldn’t be anything else.

To break up the Versaille Oak Panels, the customer went with the same oak boards we used in the transitions between rooms. We laid these boards between their hallway and soon-to-be new dining room. The addition of custom-made oak thresholds made on-site, added yet another touch of class to this amazing property.

With this new oak flooring now laid, the final step was to yet again treat it with Morrells Induro XLO-30 Oil, completing this incredible project, for a very happy customer.

Freshwoods Flooring November Round Up 16
What a fantastic space

We know we’re totally biased, but we’re incredibly proud of this project and it was a pleasure to work in such a beautiful property. Thank you to the owners for choosing us and we’re glad to be of service.

If you have a hardwood floor that’s in need of rejuvenating, or if you’d like to discuss options on a completely new look, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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